Wildlife at Tsomoriri & Tsokar

Photo Story

Wildlife Photo Safari to Tsomoriri & Tsokar Lakes in Ladakh [2015]

End of May 2015 my wife Steffi and I went on a 5-day trip to Tsomoriri and Tsokar, two high-altitude lakes in Ladakh, India, to see, and possibly/hopefully photograph wildlife. We were accompanied by my good friend of three decades, Lobzang Vissuddha, who in one of his more recent incarnations became an expert in Himalayan birds and other wildlfe, especially the elusive snow-leopard. That for the past so many years he has also run a small travel agency, Ancient Tracks, made for easy travel arrangements – he did everything; or had it done by his driver Stanzin.
On May 28th Stanzin picked us up at Oriental Guesthouse (other long-time friends of mine) where we had already spent a few weeks and left part of our luggage which we wouldn’t need during our excursion. We would meet Lobzang a Choglamsar but before that we had to astack up on a few things, Lobzang hadn’t been able to procure at Choglamsar.
When we arrived at Choglamsar, Lobzwang wasn’t alone. For good measure he had persuaded Dorje, another friend of his and also a spotter, to join us (“just in case we run into trouble”) and several bottles of Old Monk rum as well as mutton, vegetables, rice etc. which we would need at Tsokar wheer we would be more or less the first travellers this season.

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