Northern Germany
Worpswede, Teufelsmoor Etc.

Worpswede, again and again ...

Having grown up in Northern Germany, and especially in Worpswede (the oh so famous artist colony still living of its early 20th century Jugendstil and Expressionist founders) , I on the one hand always feel drawn to rather wide and somewhat minimal, as well as often a little bleak landscapes where a single tree might stand out, where the sky is dominant and where – especially when it is overcast (which it often is) – everything seems subdued. On the other hand I had – from early on always strong impulses to leave for more vibrant shores and more exotic vistas.

But …

Northern Germany and especially the area around Worpswede, does have something soothing, though, and cricumstances had it that over the past few years I spent quite a lot of time roaming the meadows along river Hamme and Beek bird watching, meandering the Weyerberg trails, and hiking in the moors and forests close by.

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