Street photography in Dubai

I love strolling around, often without definite plan or goal, especially when in a town or city, loosening my body and mind. Open eyes, ears, somewhat unfocussed – as I said, no concrete expectations of what will be around the next corner, or even which direction I will turn to next. I walk slowly, stopping to look around whenever something catches my eye. Patterns, something seemingly contradictory, the way a person or persons become part in what I would call constellations of meaning – meaningful beyond the obvious – in one instance, in a single frame …
To me, street photography is about such meaningful constellations – mainly, but not necessarily – of people in the streets that trigger my imagination as to what the story around the observed moment is.

And although obviously such moments occur at a certain intersection of time and space, to me street photography is not about the places but about the constellation of people and/or objects in the place that I perceive as meaningful. Of course neither is independent from each other – each maybe telling as much about the other as vice versa , but a street photo, as I think of it, – though it might tell something about the place – is all about the moment – or as I would rather like to call it: the constellation – which I perceive as more meaningful than the sum of the elements it is composed of.

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