Taking photos for me is a way of doing life, a way of being in the world – the photographing act (thanks for the term, Alex Gillespie) being as important as the resulting images – and oftentimes even more.

While walking about I capture what catches my interest, creating personal mementos of what at this moment appears meaningful to me.

The looking-at-photos act, as well as the post-processing act, lead to further acts of meaning making (Bruner).

Like haikus, the photographs I take do not attempt to reason or explain anything. To me they rather resonate in a meaning space that goes beyond the visual frame. Looking becomes seeing when I contemplate the connotational links that might take their start in just one aspect of the picture – be it color, pattern, form, an object or a face – which become meaningfully linked to other aspects of or details within the picture, to memories of the situation when it was made, and to whatever comes to mind…